FT4 DX Contest 2022



Starts: Saturday, 26-February-2022 | 12:00 UTC
Ends:  Sunday, 27-February-2022 | 12:00 UTC


3.5, 7, 14, 21 & 28 MHz. Any station may work any other station. Stations may be worked one time per band.



FT4 recommended sub-bands:

  • 3.580-3.590
  • 7.080-7.090
  • 14.080-14.090
  • 21.080-21.090
  • 28.080-28.090

Set the radio dial at the bottom of the sub-band and work stations on audio frequencies within the radio passband, typically 2.5-4 kHz wide. If a sub-band becomes crowded, move the radio dial frequency up in 2 kHz increments, as needed. (For example: 14.080, 14.082, 14.084, 14.086 and 14.088)


Four (4) character Grid Square (Locator). Example: EM61


  • Single Operator LOW (100 watts or less)
  • Single Operator QRP (5 watts or less)
  • Multioperator LOW (100 watts or less)
  • Multioperator QRP (5 watts or less)


A. Score: The final score is the sum of QSO points across all bands multiplied by the sum of two (2) character Grid Fields across all bands. Example: 1000 QSO points * (70 Grid Fields) = 70,000 (final score).

B. QSO Points: QSOs are scored only once per band, QSOs are one (1) point plus one (1) point for each 3000 km between Grid Square centers of the QSO partners. (e.g., 5541 km = 2 points).

C. Multipliers: A multiplier of one (1) for each different 2 character Grid Field contacted on each band.


The Cabrillo log entries must include the header and the complete QSO list. All logs must be emailed no later than 6-March-2022 at 23:00 UTC in Cabrillo format to europeanft8club@gmx.com


Participants must use:


Certificates will be awarded to all participants and can be downloaded online when available.

Settings for FT4 DX Contest